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Time in Chumphon is 07:08 (GMT+7)
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A Guide to Chumphon
Chumphon [ชุมพร], a seaside city, facing the Gulf of Thailand, is a gateway to the other provinces in the south of Thailand. It is divided into 8 districts and it has Ranong province to the west, the Gulf of Thailand to the east, Prachuap Khiri Khan province to the north and Surat Thani province to the south.

More than 200 km of the coastline is teemed with spectacular beaches. It has a plethora of attractions to offer for those who seek relaxation in a natural and tranquil atmosphere. Chumphon has not only beaches but also islands, mountains, waterfalls, mangrove forrests and national parks. Abounding activities will not let you get bored. It is also a hub of transport to Koh Tao which is one of the best diving spots in the country and perhaps in the world. Accommodation ranges from luxury hotels to budget guesthouses.
Koh Tao
Amphoe Thasae (อำเภอท่าแซะ)
One of the two districts in Chumpon without access to the Gulf of Thailand. Places of interest are the Kapoh Waterfall Forest Park with its waterfall. Rap Ro Cave is a temple cave consisting of two adjacent caves and legend says both hide some treasures. The Ai Tai Cave houses a Buddha image.
Amphoe Pha Thiew (อำเภอปะทิว)
The northern most district of Chumpon, where the famous Thung Wua Laen Beach with fine white sand and some coral reef close by can be found , offers good snorkeling opportunities. Well known islands are Crocodile Island; Koh Ngam Yai and Koh Ngam Noi which are famous among locals for their swallows’ nests which are harvested mainly for export.
Amphoe Sawee (อำเภอสวี)
One of the mountains of Sawee host about 40 caves, some with natural pools inside. Among the most famous ones is Tham Thip Prida. Hat Sai Ri is a long white sand beach line by coconut and pine trees and offers some spectacular views of nearby islands.
Amphoe Thung Tako (อำเภอทุ่งตะโก)
Highlight of this province is the beautiful beach of Had Arunothai. Enjoy the the sunrise with the silhouettes of the spectacular shapes of the limestone islands, watch the fishermen bringing in their daily catch or just relax on the beach. Best activity is scuba diving.

Khlong Phrao National Park: The park invites for bird watching, trekking, and for nature study. Many types of animals living in the great variety of tropical trees. One can find natural attractions such as Namtok Thap Chang, a 2-level, middle sized waterfall, the most beautiful in the Park.
Chumphon Town (เมืองชุมพร)
Chumpon is the first town coming from the north to be considered in south of Thailand since culturally and ethnically the south begins here. The town is a stop for most tourists for a night because boats to famous Koh Tao leave from here.

Visit the National Museum of Chumphon, opened in 1995, it shows an overview of the province, ranging from prehistory through to the present. Climb up to Khao Chao Mueang, the highest point offering panoramic views of the coast far out to the archipelago.

Visit Wat Pradoem temple, an archeological site in old Chumphon. Some archeological objects were found such as a sand-stone Buddha image from Srivijaya Period and a Chedi said to contain Lord Buddha’s bones. The temple is a good example of the architectural style of this area. The province itself has several natural beautiful sites, both inland. Basically, most natural places still keep their original charmed. Accommodation is available from guest houses to hotels.
Amphoe Lang Suan (อำเภอหลังสวน)
Due to the fertility of Lang Suan, the slogan of the district is "City of fruits" and coffee is grown here as well. Along road sides you will find plenty of fruits stalls selling the freshest fruits of the season.

Furthermore Lang Suan is famous between locals for it’s paddle boat race. Ko Phithak island has beautiful rocks and many fishing villages. Tham Khao Ngoen (Silver Cave) interior looks like a big hall and chimney is going through the top. The cave’s wall is also inscribed with his Majesty King Bhumipol’s initial "Chor Por Ror".

At Tham Khao Kriab one can find many stalagmites inside and 730 m are leading up to the caves. There is a monk residence at the foot of the hill.
Amphoe Lamae (อำเภอละแม)
Tham Khao Plu Hot Spring offers three hot springs at the foot of the mountain. Wildlife such as squirrels, pig-tailed monkeys and birds of different species are scattered around the area and 4 caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Hat Tawan Chai is a large long beach lined with coconut palms.
Amphoe Pha Toh (อำเภอพะโต๊ะ)
The canals of Phatoh are superb for kayaking. Paddle through evergreen forests and with some luck one can spot langurs and hornbills. Other canals flow through the fruit orchards of durians, coffee, and mangos teens. Namtok Heo Lom is a scenic waterfall. The Festivals of Phatoh Canal rafting are held during February and April.